Pull up a chair. The Window Magazine is an independent slow publication from the Cotswolds. It offers a glimpse of life in this culturally active area of outstanding natural beauty, and a view out into the world from our neck of the woods to yours.

The journey into and through mother or fatherhood can be daunting, lonely, and let’s be honest, sometimes a touch dull. The Window Magazine has been created to counteract each one of those emotions and each edition will be painstakingly designed, curated and edited to connect, inspire, educate, nourish, nurture and delight.

The Window Magazine is a new kind of slow magazine. The content will not date quickly, but stay relevant and evergreen. This is because we understand that busy people lack time to sit and read an entire magazine from cover to cover in one sitting, and we want to enrich the lives of our readers with content that will wait for your window of time to read it. Enjoy it all at once, keep coming back to it, doodle in the journal pages. This is your magazine.

The perfect gift for new parents opening the next window of their lives, the perfect accessory for existing parents to pop into their bag to dip in and out of at various windows throughout the day, and the most stylish accessory to adorn your coffee table. The Window Magazine is yours to look in, to look out and we can’t wait to share all that is beautiful, useful, entertaining, interesting and helpful in the glorious Cotswolds.

The magazine is now on sale directly via the order page or you can purchase at some of our valued local stockists. Ensure you get a copy from the limited print run by ordering today.